Production of organic fertilizer by fermentation of domestic waste with organic fertilizer dumper



With the rapid development of social economy, the acceleration of urbanization and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the waste generated in the process of urban production and life is also increasing rapidly. Domestic waste occupies land, pollutes the environment and its impact on human health is becoming more and more obvious. With the increase of municipal solid waste, the treatment of municipal solid waste is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, environmental pollution makes every citizen of the country pay attention to environmental pollution. Many enterprises produce environmentally friendly equipment. Organic fertilizer equipment can be used as harmless treatment equipment for domestic waste.

During the fermentation process of the organic fertilizer dumper, the raw material pellets of the organic fertilizer dumper are fully contacted and assimilated with the air. A large amount of fresh air can be contained in the pile, which helps aerobic microorganisms to generate fermentation heat and increase the pile temperature; When the temperature is high, the filling of fresh air can reduce the stack temperature and reduce the water content in real time with the fertilizer making process. In addition to the evaporation formed by heat conduction, the tipping machine will turn over the raw materials to form a forced steam hair.

As one of the main equipment in fermentation equipment and organic fertilizer production process, organic fertilizer dumper has always been in the forefront of the growth of the times and made great contributions to organic fertilizer production. For example, the crushing of raw materials, giving a certain shape to the raw material pile or realizing the quantitative displacement of raw materials are mainly used in farm applications in agricultural machinery. Its application in cattle farms can be said to have reached a state of popularization.