Technology of organic fertilizer production equipment in the process of producing organic fertilizer



What is the production process of organic fertilizer production equipment in each link of organic fertilizer production?

1. Due to the high temperature of raw materials in the drying process, the production equipment of organic fertilizer production line needs special refrigeration knowledge. Since the organic fertilizer production line cannot use water to refrigerant, refrigeration equipment must be used here.

2. Screening is to screen the unqualified granular fertilizer and send the unqualified raw materials to the production line for unqualified solution and reprocessing. The utility model patent of mechanical equipment has the advantages of professional knowledge of production equipment of organic fertilizer production line, convenient operation, convenient operation and so on.

3. Make the mixed raw materials into the required particles to facilitate the storage and transportation of the organic fertilizer production line. The organic fertilizer production line, such as resistance to working pressure, temperature, material erosion and ensuring the cleanness of goods, etc. Due to different raw materials, the production and processing technology and structure of agitator are also different.

5. Transportation is to facilitate storage and transport the manufactured fertilizer to high-lying areas.

6. Packaging is the last process of chemical fertilizer machinery and equipment. In order to better maintain the quality of goods in the circulation process and facilitate storage and transportation, salesmen collectively refer to the utensils, raw materials and auxiliary materials used according to a certain type of technical means, that is, to complete the above-mentioned work theme activities of applying utensils and adopting a certain technical means to combine raw materials and auxiliary materials.