What are the steps of organic fertilizer manufacturing process


 In the production of organic fertilizer, there will be many links and processes. The basic processes of organic fertilizer manufacturing process are: Fermentation - crushing - batching - mixing - granulating - drying - cooling - screening - packaging. 
organic fertilizer manufacturing process flow
According to the different materials, the organic fertilizer manufacturing process can be divided into many kinds, such as sludge organic fertilizer production line, poultry manure organic fertilizer equipment, etc. It will use fermentation compost turning machine, crusher, mixer, granulator machine, rotary drum screener and other production equipment. The core equipment for making organic fertilizer is the fertilizer granulator machine. We can choose the appropriate granulator machine according to the different materials.

Fertilizer granulator machine is represented by disc granulator and double roller press granulator, which are equipped with different equipment because of different materials. The technology and operation of the disc granulator are very simple, and the moisture content of the granules produced is relatively large, so a part of the drying cost is added. The production process of disc granulating organic fertilizer overcomes some drawbacks. When the material runs at high speed, it distributes evenly under the action of centrifugal force, has high streamline density, and has a large forming rate of hard-to-adhere material, and has a wide range of applications. For the roller granulator fertilizer production process because of the use of press granulator, can eliminate the drying link.