Processing equipment for raw materials in the early stage of organic fertilizer production line: trough turnover machine


The farms produce a large amount of manure every day. These manures are inexpensive, and a large amount of manure can be made into organic fertilizer products through organic fertilizer production equipment. Fermentation of organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer production equipment can greatly improve the economic benefits of aquaculture, at the same time, it can effectively reduce pollution and purify the environment. Organic fertilizer is a kind of high quality fertilizer, which can greatly improve crop yield and quality. Soil organic matter is the basis of soil fertility, which directly affects soil fertility, water retention, buffering and aeration. Organic matter can be decomposed by microorganisms to form humic acid, which can make loose soil form soil aggregates, make soil bulk density smaller, porosity increase, easy to absorb water infiltrated into soil and nutrient ions released, and make effective nutrient elements not easy to be fixed. Organic fertilizer plays an important role in agricultural crops. Organic fertilizer production equipment has good benefits in processing organic fertilizer.

Composting fermentation is the first step in the process of organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer production equipment. Composting fermentation removes harmful substances from fermentation products such as feces and produces humus beneficial to soil. In organic fertilizer production and fermentation, the control of water, temperature, air and other conditions has an important impact on the quality of organic fertilizer. We use organic fertilizer production equipment to treat composting materials, provide suitable environment for organic fertilizer production, and ensure the quality of composting.

The compost turning machine realizes the high-yield treatment of organic fertilizer fermentation. The compost  turning machine is used in the fermentation tank environment. It provides sufficient oxygen for the material through mechanical turning, while stirring the material to make the material mix evenly.