What is the difference between large granular urea and small granular urea?


 Urea as a commonly used fertilizer, it’s development has been the concern of all parties,there are two kind urea in the current market, large granular urea and small granular urea, in general, the urea diameter larger than 2 mm called large granular urea. The difference in granule size, derived from the different of granulation process and equipment from manufacture.Here are some detailed introduce about large granule urea,about it’s advantages and currently using conditions.

The advantages of large granular urea than small ones are : Fine content is low,high strength,good liquidity,could bulk transport,few caking or breaking,suitable for mechanized fertilization. And large granular urea dissolution is slow after spread into soil,could sink into deeper soil in paddy fields, especially rice cultivation fields, could reduce the loss of volatile, while the biuret content is low in the large granular urea , which is beneficial to crops. It should be noted, that the application of large granular urea to rice filed may increase the risk of nitrate elution.

At present, large granular urea as the base fertilizer of rice, deep spread has significant advantages in agronomic and economic,could improve the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer. Deep spread of large granular urea in rice filed could reduce greenhouse gases N2O emissions.The direct spread of large granular urea is not widespread,the main reason is the problem of awareness, fertilization target is deviation and fertilization methods is misleading.From the development,the market should concern about the affect of large granular urea usage on enlarge the crops capacity, supply more nutrient, and reduce the agriculture pollution etc....