Difference between good organic fertilizer and bad one


Checking outer packing:
Checking if there are formal identification, company name, address, phone number, fertilizer registration certificate, Date of validity, date of production, certificate of conformity, etc.. See if it is authorized to manufacture (usually licensed companies without their own workshop and raw materials). 

Checking color
High quality organic fertilizer is fermented after long periods with high temperature, the color should be dark brown to black; the inferior is usually lighter color.

Smelling odor
Smell carefully to check if the fertilizer has ammonia, manure or sludge. Generally, the high quality organic fertilizer has a special sour flavor due to its complete decomposition.

Water - soluble method
Organic fertilizer dissolved in water and observation, poor fertilizer distribution unevenly, more impurities, and sink at the bottom; high-quality water-soluble fertilizer distribution evenly, the color is caramel colour.

Hand twist method
Using the thumb and index finger to press organic fertilizer, if you feel hurt hand, there are sand or other impurities, it is likely to be poor fertilizer.

Do tests
Take a potted flower, spreading organic fertilizer directly in the flower’s rhizome, then watering, If it’s good organic fertilizer, it will gradually grow white mycelium, promote plant growth, poor quality organic fertilizer smoked seedlings, plants gradually dispirited, until death. You can also be applied in the field, leaving a part for application of the organic fertilizer, then observe the performance of the plant, good organic fertilizer in the growing, capacity, quality will have a significant effect.