Do you know the effects for monopotassium phosphate?


 1.Promoting the absorption for nitrogen and phosphorus. monopotassium phosphate can promote the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus by the crop, and improve the yield and grain weight of the citrus. Meanwhile, it also play an special role in the special physiological period of crops.
2.Promoting the photosynthesis.Potassium is used to enhance crop photosynthesis and accelerate the generation and transformation of nutrients.
3.Improving resilience. Such as drought-resistant, anti-drought-resistant, anti-waterlogging, anti-freeze, anti - damage, anti-bacterial infection, etc.
4.Improving fruit quality. It can strengthen the fruit during fruit puffed period, promoting the fruit enlargement and the quality of the fruit, increasing the color, improving the taste, etc.
5.Regulating citrus growth. It has the function of regulating agent, which can promote flower bud differentiation, increase flowering number, flower bud, strong flower protection and fruit, and improve the growth and development of root system.
6.The Irreplaceable benefits for high quality monopotassium phosphate (choose high purity and qualified monopotassium phosphate): 
    1. No chlorine, low impurity content, low salt index, excellent water solubility, safe and non-toxic.
    2. Rich in phosphorus and potassium, and the comprehensive content of potassium phosphate is the highest in all fertilizer products.
    3. PH value is equal to mild acid, which can be used with most pesticide fertilizer, and increase efficiency.
    4. With high and fast absorption rate, after 30 minutes, it can be directly absorbed by the crop with Fast and obvious effect.
    5. Diversity of usage, such as spraying, sprinkling irrigation root, root transplanting, seed mixing, and kirsch.