Advantages of industrialized disc granulator


Perhaps many people are curious, why in the fertilizer granulator equipment, the disc granulator opportunity has been recognized and welcomed by many industries in a short time? Since the granulator has been developed for many years, the disc granulator is still widely used as a classic equipment. What are its incomparable advantages?

Principle: the motor drives the disc to rotate through a gear reducer and a pair of bevel gears.

Features of disc granulator: it can make the material form regular movement, and make the larger ball and the smaller ball run along different tracks respectively. Therefore, it can be classified according to the size, and the discharged raw ball with qualified size.

Pelletizing: the disc is equipped with water spray pipe, scraper and other devices. After the powder is added into the plate and moistened by water, it will continuously roll to form the particle - small ball - large ball. When the small ball continues to roll to the middle of the plate, it will roll to the edge of the plate and discharge.
disc fertilizer granulator

Advantages of disc fertilizer granulator

1.Using mechanical equipment instead of manual work is the development characteristic of industry. The application of mechanical equipment can not only improve the work efficiency and product quality, but also greatly save the production cost. Of course, disc granulator is no exception. What's more, the price of disc granulator is low, and the stability of granulation is first-class, and the technology is simple. Such an operation mode just meets the needs of various industries and enterprises.

2.Secondly, the use of mechanical equipment production is more conducive to the flow of production and processing, can improve economic efficiency, reduce environmental pollution. In addition, the disc granulator is not only an indispensable equipment in the chemical industry, but also used in NPK fertilizer production line. It is also an important tool in medicine, metallurgy and other industries. Therefore, in a sense, the disc pelletizer is a universal pelletizing equipment.