BB fertilizer equipment


Compared with organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment, BB fertilizer equipment is relatively simple, so BB fertilizer has the advantage of small investment, and because of its flexible formula, it is very suitable for investors who are just starting to invest in the fertilizer industry.
In the production process of BB fertilizer equipment, various products can be produced by adjusting the ingredients and proportions of the formula. Therefore, BB fertilizer has also become the best choice for balanced fertilization. Through the BB fertilizer production equipment to build a npk fertilizer manufacturing process to process organic and inorganic BB fertilizer, it can achieve the effect of complementing each other, play a good role in the overall balance of plant nutrition, and can effectively improve the quality of agricultural products. When it comes to fertilizers, we first think of three elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

We don't know that soil, like the human body, also needs many other types of trace elements. The lack of trace elements in the soil far exceeds the three major elements nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Medium and trace elements, especially trace elements, do not become insignificant because of their smallness. In many places where the corresponding elements are severely lacking, they have become a factor restricting the high quality, high yield and stable yield of crops. Therefore, the medium and trace elements are specifically added to the BB fertilizer mixer. The elements can make the BB fertilizer processed by the BB fertilizer production equipment play the advantage of balanced nutrition. In the production process of BB fertilizer, no drum granulation is used.
The purpose of blending BB fertilizer particles is to meet the needs of mechanized fertilization. In developed countries, large-scale planting provides a great opportunity for mechanized fertilization. In some countries, the area of ​​arable land per household is very small, especially in areas that are not conducive to mechanized operations such as southern regions and mountainous areas, which makes BB fertilizer pellets of little significance. In terms of cost, there is a big difference between BB fertilizer granule blending and powder blending, so at present, powder fertilizer still has a large market space. BB fertilizer equipment is simple, but it is not easy to process excellent BB fertilizer. Combining with soil testing formula to produce BB fertilizer tailored to local conditions can truly realize the meaning of formulating BB fertilizer.