What are the benefits of sheep manure processed by organic fertilizer production line


After three or four days of fermentation, you will find that there is basically no odor in the feces. After the fermentation of sheep manure, the color of the fermentation pile will be darker, and the color of the pile will be brown after the fermentation. When the fermentation of sheep manure organic fertilizer is completed, the compost can be crushed and packaged, or it can be made into granules by disc granulator machine for further processing.

The key to fermented organic manure

1. Moisture adjustment.
If the moisture is high, add some dry sheep dung or rice waste, straw, wheat straw, mushroom residue, residue and other agricultural waste. Usually the water of sheep manure is relatively small, and it needs to be adjusted by spraying water or adding fresh cow manure, chicken manure and pig manure.
2. Use a compost turning machine. If you want to decompose and rot sheep manure quickly, you must turn the materials regularly to make the bacteria and enzymes decompose and rot sheep dung protein quickly.
3. Pay attention to the specifications of the fermentation reactor. It is also important to note here that the pile should not be too small or too high, and it is not conducive to fermentation. Can choose to pile up in piles for aerobic fermentation of compost. It is also possible to build fermentation tanks to pile up materials.

Organic fertilizer production line processing sheep manure

Only by strictly restricting the amount of fertilizers and pesticides, improving the soil, and reducing the amount of drug residues in the soil can the farmer produce high-quality, safe and green products that are popular at home and abroad. The green active natural organic fertilizer is a new type of biologically active fertilizer, which has the characteristics of no pollution. It uses organic fertilizer as a substrate and carrier, and the sheep dung after fermentation can be used as organic matter. Add appropriate amount of inorganic elements to the organic fertilizer, and then add beneficial microorganisms that are beneficial to soil structure, crop absorption, element release, etc., and bioactive fertilizers can be obtained by processing on the organic fertilizer production line.
sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

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