Benefits of slow release granular fertilizer manufacturing process


Advantages of slow release granular fertilizer
The good application effect of chemical fertilizer depends on its physical and chemical state to a great extent. For example, the effective ingredient phosphoric acid in superphosphate is in the state of phosphoric acid calcium. It dissolves in water and can be completely absorbed by plants. However, just because it is a quick acting fertilizer, plants often do not have time to fully absorb it, and they will lose part of it. In addition, the phosphorylation energy of superphosphate and impurities in the soil can not absorb and utilize the compounds, such as iron phosphate, aluminum phosphate, etc. the smaller the powder of superphosphate is, the larger the contact area with the soil is. Therefore, the larger the amount of compounds that cannot be absorbed by the impurities in the soil, the more the loss of fertilizer.

As the physical state of slow-release granular fertilizer is solid particles, it can avoid the above shortcomings, reduce the loss of nutrients and prolong the fertilizer effect. Therefore, in the fertilizer manufacturing process, the treatment of granulator is very necessary.

The most commonly used pelletizing equipment for granular fertilizer manufacturing process
granulator for fertilizer manufacturing
Pan granulator is widely known as a kind of fertilizer granulator equipment. It is in the shape of an inclined disk as a whole. The powder materials roll in the disk with the bottom of the disc pan, and the materials adhere to each other to form spherical particles after being wetted. Pan granulator’s principle is like a snowball. It depends on the viscosity of the material itself to continuously bond and become larger. When the particles grow to a certain extent, they will come out of the plate and enter the next processing technology. If they fail to meet the particle diameter requirements, they will stay in the plate and continue to granulate until they meet the requirements.

Rotary drum granulator also uses the similar granulation principle, but the pan granulator is an open structure, and the drum granulator is a cylinder, but both of them are the principle that the powder materials are continuously bonded with the help of water to finally form a particle fertilizer with appropriate particle size. Rotary drum granulator has a wide range of raw materials, which can produce organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other fertilizers.