Components of fertilizer processing equipment


The production of fertilizer is a process of turning waste into treasure, achieving efficient recycling of resources. It is a major breakthrough in today's agriculture, giving the eroded soil a new look, with more vitality and vitality. However, the fertilizer produced by the decomposition of microorganisms is a long process and will cause certain pollution. The invention of fertilizer processing equipment enables fertilizer to be produced and applied to agriculture in a very short time, which can be said to have solved a major problem. So, what are the components of fertilizer manufacturing equipment?

1. Solid-liquid separation equipment

The raw material for composting is solid manure. The source of solid manure is dry clean manure and solids separated from "blister manure" by solid-liquid separation methods. To achieve solid-liquid separation, mechanical separation is widely used and has a good separation effect. Mechanical separation equipment can be divided into four types: screening separation, centrifugal separation, filter press separation and screw extrusion separation.

2. Crushing equipment

The fermentation process of livestock and poultry manure requires the addition of certain auxiliary materials (straw, twigs, rice husks, corn cobs, etc.). In order to obtain the particle size of the auxiliary materials suitable for aerobic composting fermentation, the auxiliary materials need to be crushed, so crushing equipments required for biofertilizer production is required.

3. Mixing equipment

Mixing refers to the process of uniformly mixing solid feces, auxiliary materials and various conditioners according to a preset formula ratio. Pre-mixing the raw materials can achieve the required carbon-nitrogen ratio everywhere in the reactor, ensuring the survival and reproduction of microorganisms. According to the nature of the material to be mixed, a double-shaft horizontal mixer should be used. The horizontal cylinder of the machine is equipped with two-axis rotating and reversed paddles. The paddles circulate and stir the materials in the axial and radial directions at a certain angle, so that the materials are quickly mixed and uniform.

4. Tank type fermentation equipment

The trough type fermentation equipment mainly refers to the trough type turning and polishing machine. The trough turning and polishing machine is a kind of turning and polishing equipment matched with the fermentation tank. Rails are installed on the tops of both sides of the fermentation tank, and the turning and throwing machine can run back and forth on the rails. Generally, the trough type turning and polishing machine is equipped with one machine and multiple tanks, and the transfer of the turning and polishing machine between the fermentation tanks can be realized by a moving machine. The trough turning and polishing machine is mainly composed of a frame, a turning and polishing device, a walking mechanism, a cable reel device, an electric control system, etc., and is mainly driven by electricity.