How to develop organic agriculture through organic fertilizer production line


Organic fertilizer production line processes organic wastes from agricultural production into organic fertilizers, and re-invests them in agriculture to realize the recycling of agricultural system. Organic agriculture is the combination of cultivation and aquaculture, as far as possible in agricultural production using waste processed into organic fertilizer, reduce production costs. Organic fertilizer production equipment is the key to organic agriculture.

Organic agriculture regards the whole farm as an organism and realizes the nutrient cycle within the farm as closed as possible. If a farm has aquaculture and processing industries corresponding to land production, the nutrient cycle of plants will be maximized within the farm, and the nutrient transfer between farms will be minimal. Organic fertilizer production line is the bridge to realize the conversion of crop straw, residue and other wastes.
organic agriculture

Processing of organic fertilizer production line

Wastes from agricultural production and livestock farming were collected and composted for high temperature fermentation. The pre-treatment of organic fertilizer production line mainly utilizes the function of various microorganisms to mineralize, humify and innocuously plant organic residues, so as to transform various complex organic nutrients into soluble nutrients and humus. At the same time, the high temperature produced during accumulation is used to kill the germs, eggs and weed seeds in raw materials, so as to achieve the goal of harmlessness.
The decomposed materials are sent to the organic fertilizer production line equipment for further processing of organic fertilizer. The production and processing of organic fertilizer mainly includes compost crushing, ingredients of different raw materials, mixing, disc granulator machine to granulate organic fertilizer, drying and cooling, screening of finished products, and quantitative packaging.

High economic value of organic fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line is applied to the soil to produce organic food with better taste. According to the nature of raw materials, the roller granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat die pellet mill and other granulator are used to process organic fertilizer, which has long-term fertilizer effect and higher nutrition. Organic production mode not only protects the environment, but also improves the income of planting crops, saves energy. Organic agriculture has far-reaching influence, and the market prospect of organic fertilizer production line is good.