How to choose compound fertilizer production equipment


Now many fertilizer manufacturers are thinking about whether organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer are selling well in the market? If it is the manufacturer of compound fertilizer, the price of compound fertilizer equipment, annual output of equipment, and whether NPK fertilizer production line can bring good benefits will be taken into consideration in the early stage of investigation.

The fertilizer factory should investigate the selected compound fertilizer equipment manufacturers, because the after-sales service of compound fertilizer equipment manufacturers will have a great impact on the production and sales of fertilizer enterprises in the future. Professional compound fertilizer machine manufacturers will comprehensively develop production processes suitable for customers according to their needs and raw materials used for fertilizer production. This is not only the responsibility for customers, but also a strong guarantee to produce fertilizer with scientific ratio and high pertinence. Tianci fertilizer equipment factory provides customers with comprehensive fertilizer equipment services. We design NPK fertilizer production line for each customer free of charge to ensure that the production process is suitable for local needs.
NPK fertilizer production line

In the production of NPK fertilizer, the objective conditions of soil can not be ignored. Different countries and regions show a variety of soil, some are saline alkali land, some are yellow soil land, red soil land and so on, so the producers need to make fertilizer suitable for decomposition in specific soil according to the characteristics of the soil. And according to the characteristics of raw materials and production process, select the appropriate fertilizer granulator, reduce the energy consumption of fertilizer production line, improve the production efficiency, and make the particle shape more beautiful and practical.

Therefore, when customers choose the compound fertilizer production equipment, they need to make a budget in advance. It is very important to choose a production process with low cost, high output and first-class fertilizer quality.