How to reduce the wear of roll skin of double roller press granulator


Just as the hammer of the crusher is the most seriously worn part of the equipment, the roller is also the most easily worn part of the roller granulator in the granulation operation. As the main part of pelletizing, the roller skin is worn gradually, resulting in uneven particles. But the abrasion of pelletizer's roll skin is inevitable. In NPK fertilizer production line, how to reduce the abrasion of pelletizer is the most important.

The roll surface wear will seriously affect the production efficiency of the roller press granulator and the particle size of the finished product of the material. It is also necessary to stop the machine and replace the new roll surface. How to reduce the wear of the material on the roll surface during the use of the equipment?

Reasons for wear of roll skin of double roller press granulator

(1) The influence of the hardness, size and shape of the materials to be processed. Too hard, too large or too irregular materials are likely to cause uneven wear of the roller skin.
(2) It is directly related to the material of the roller skin itself. Roller skin with poor material has poor abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance and short service life.
(3) The surface shape and size of the roller and the operating conditions during production.
(4) When the NPK fertilizer production line is fed, uneven discharge is easy to cause uneven wear of the roller skin.
double roller press granulator

Understand the reason of the wear of the pelletizer roll skin, in the production of compound fertilizer, we can pay more attention to, more maintenance. In addition to the roll skin of the roller press granulator, in the process of using other fertilizer granulator equipment, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the equipment, because the working environment is bad, which will have a certain impact on mechanical, electrical and other components. Normal maintenance in place can effectively increase the service life of the equipment.