What aspects need to be inspected for investment in organic fertilizer production line project


With the increasing attention to the safety of agricultural products, and the increasingly obvious harm of chemical fertilizer to the soil, organic fertilizer has become the widely used fertilizer in agricultural production. What aspects need to be inspected for investment in organic fertilizer production line project?
organic fertilizer production line project

1. Invest in livestock manure organic fertilizer equipment, control the risk of early investment in organic fertilizer production line project, select appropriate fertilizer equipment manufacturer, and control the investment risk of equipment and construction plant to a certain extent.

2. What are the raw materials for the processing of livestock manure organic fertilizer equipment? What do animal farms raise? There are many pig, duck, chicken, sheep and cattle farmers in various regions. The waste produced by these farming industries is the main raw material for processing organic fertilizer. We should choose the right cooperators according to the market situation and our own position, not blindly following the trend, according to our local climate, temperature and water conditions.

3. The equipment for processing livestock manure organic fertilizer is an environmental protection equipment. There are many kinds of organic fertilizer production equipment. Different processing stages of organic fertilizer need different machines. Solid liquid separator, organic fertilizer throwing machine, crusher, disc granulator machine, dryer, cooler, packaging machine and so on. The configuration and equipment selection of organic fertilizer production line should be determined according to the situation. Different raw materials, different pelletizing equipment, we provide organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat die pellet mill and other machines.
organic fertilizer production line equipment

The organic fertilizer tossing function can effectively mix livestock manure, sludge, microbial agent and straw powder. To create a better aerobic environment for material fermentation. It can heat up in one day, deodorize in 3-5 hours, sterilize and make fertilizer in seven days. It is not only faster than other mechanical means of fermentation, but also more efficient. "Modern, ecological and recycling" is the production line's use of automatic and modern technology to turn organic waste into treasure, and realize the energy and resource recycling of livestock manure.