Maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment


Like us, organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment also needs to be overhauled and maintained at ordinary times in order to effectively improve equipment operating efficiency, extend equipment life, and reduce the loss of organic fertilizer equipment, thereby increasing organic fertilizer productivity and reducing production costs. Do a good job of daily maintenance. Check the equipment before, during, and after use of the organic fertilizer equipment. If any fault is found, deal with it as soon as possible to prevent it from affecting production.

What does the maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment include? As equipment users, we need to understand the main content of the inspection? Let us understand below.

First, check the bearings of important parts of the equipments required for biofertilizer production. The shaft bears the full load of the equipment, and the normal operation and service life of the bearing directly affect the service life and normal operation of the organic fertilizer equipment. Therefore, the maintenance of the bearings of the organic fertilizer equipment is the top priority. Bearings should be filled with lubricating oil regularly, and the lubricating oil must be well sealed to ensure that the lubricating oil is clean. During the operation of the equipment, if there are abnormal noises, abnormal heating, large rotation vibration, and large discoloration of lubricant leakage, the equipment should be stopped immediately for inspection and repair, and the abnormal conditions should be eliminated. The spare bearing should keep the surrounding environment clean and prevent the bearing from being corroded. It should be installed carefully and use appropriate and accurate installation tools.

Secondly, check the degree of wear and tear of other parts of the equipment. If a part is found to affect the normal operation of the equipment, it must be repaired and replaced in time. Secondly, important parts should be protected against corrosion and rust.

Finally, check the rotating gear: If the rotating gear in the organic fertilizer equipment is running, if there is an impact sound, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and eliminated.

The maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment is an extremely important routine work as the maintenance of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process equipment, and professionals should be regularly inspected and maintained.