Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Mode and Site Construction Method


The fermentation of organic fertilizer with trough fermentation, pond fermentation and flat stacked fermentation, civil design each fermentation needs are not the same, trough type fermentation need to build several rows of equidistant grooves in the ground, height is more than one meter, between the groove and the groove distance is determined by the width of pile turning the purchase of the machine, so that we can achieve multi operation production mode.

Pond fermentation needs to dig pools in the field, and accumulate materials in the pond for fermentation. The stacking machine used for pond type fermentation and trough fermentation is the same, but the problem of pond type fermentation and discharging is difficult to solve, and not like the trough fermentation use forklift to discharge is easy.

Flat stacked fermentation does not need to build troughs or dig pools in the field, and there are few civil works. But the turnover machine is a walking machine. The height of material fermentation is too low, and the fermentation effect is not trough or pool type.