The Advantages and Hidden Dangers of Manure


The advantages of manure
1.The nutrients contained are relatively comprehensive, and the fertilizer efficiency is stable and lasting. It contains not only a variety of and medium micronutrients, but also contains some substances that can stimulate the growth of the root system and all kinds of beneficial soil microbes.
2.Improve soil structure. Abundant humic acid can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, soften the soil, improve soil moisture and air conditions, facilitate root growth, increase soil fertility and water retention, improve soil temperature and promote the activities and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in soil.
3.Adjust the temperature. Manure has the heat, temperature and cool character, which has the effect of adjusting the temperature of the soil.
The hidden danger of manure
1.The non-decomposed manure, especially the poultry dung, has a heavy salt content, which is easy to salt the soil and increase the salt concentration. When it is serious, the seeds will not germinate, burn the seeding and root. It will also produce harmful gases and poison plants.
2.There are many pathogens, eggs and weed seeds in livestock manure, it is easy to cause harmful effects to plants without high temperature fermentation, at the same time, it is also prone to cause diseases and insect pests.
3.Because of the source problem of some manure, may contain the excessive amount of tract elements, even contain heavy metals and antibiotics and so on, it will poison plants and effect the safety of agricultural products.
4.The manure contains more impurities,  the purity deviation is very large, the content is extremely unstable, and the application of nutrient content and effect can not be guaranteed when single application is applied.