How to scientifically process chicken manure organic fertilizer by using organic fertilizer production line


Chicken manure organic fertilizer contains abundant organic matter and various nutrients needed by crops, but its nutrient content is low, which is difficult to meet the needs of crops. Therefore, the combination of chicken manure organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can provide balanced nutritional components of crops and ensure crop products. In industrial production, the quality of chicken manure can also be improved by changing the ingredients of organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
Chicken manure organic fertilizer should be applied after deep tillage.
Chicken manure organic fertilizer is generally used as base fertilizer, the surface spraying hand with ploughing deep into the soil, to avoid the phenomenon of surface spraying, reduce the loss of fertilizer waste and environmental pollution. In the production and treatment of chicken manure organic fertilizer, 40-60% nitrogen fertilizer, 80% phosphorus fertilizer and 80% potassium fertilizer can be mixed with chicken manure organic fertilizer to granulate, package fertilizer nutrients, and then use fertilizer together as base fertilizer.
Chicken manure organic fertilizer should be combined with biological fertilizer application.
The biological bacteria in the biological fertilizer can accelerate the decomposition of the organic matter in the organic fertilizer, making it more conducive to the absorption of the crop, and at the same time decomposing and transforming some harmful substances in the organic fertilizer to prevent damage to the crop.

Tianci Company is Chinese fertilizer machine manufacturers. We can design the chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process according to the site. The complete organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment can make a large amount of chicken manure produced by large-scale farming into organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer granulator machine is the core of organic fertilizer processing, it is a fertilizer granulation machine that granulates nutrients containing different raw materials such as organic matter and inorganic fertilizer.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the biological bacterial fertilizer is added into the raw material, and the different materials are mixed into granules through the organic fertilizer granulator to improve the overall fertilizer efficiency of the chicken manure organic fertilizer.