Microbial fertilizer


 Microbial fertilizer refers to a kind of biological agents containing living microorganisms, which can obtain specific fertilizer effects in use, and can increase plant yield or improve quality.

1, Increase Crop Yield
The rate of increase of microbial fertilizer was about 10%, among which the yield of compound microbial fertilizer was the most obvious, reaching more than 20%. Research shows that: the application of microbial fertilizer alone without fertilizer effect of organic manure or fertilizer on potato yield significantly, but microbial fertilizer on crop yield only play a supporting role, can not replace the use of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer alone
2, Improve Crop quality
It is an indisputable fact that microbial fertilizers can improve crop quality. Certain microbial fertilizers can improve crop quality even without significant yield increases. The application of microbial fertilizer could significantly increase the content of sugar and vitamin C in vegetables, and reduce the nitrate content in vegetables.
The effect of microbial fertilizer on fruit quality is also obvious. The study shows that: in the use of microbial fertilizer, the nitrogen content of pear leaves in Dangshan significantly reduced the content of trace elements, sugar acid ratio, sugar content and VC content increased significantly, and it is proved that the fruit quality and Storability of pear and grade were significantly improved.
3, Mitigate Diseases and Insect Pests
The results showed that microbial fertilizer had stable control effect on Cotton Fusarium Wilt and Eggplant Verticillium Wilt in the field, and the disease index decreased to 38.2 and 23.5 respectively. Special microbial fertilizer for tobacco can reduce tobacco virus disease, promote tobacco growth, and reduce gas and irritation. Microbial fertilizer can effectively reduce crop injury caused by residual herbicides in soil.
4, Improve Soil Structure
The long-term application of microbial fertilizer can restore the formation of soil aggregate structure, play a role in loosening the soil, eliminating soil compaction and improving soil structure.
It has been reported that soil phosphorus activator has been applied for 3 years in the cold black soil in the north of the country. The soil bulk density has decreased by 0.1~0.3, and the effect of loose soil is very significant. Some studies also show that the application of micro bio fertilizer, because microorganisms multiply, promote the release of soil organic matter, improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, increase soil aggregate, improve soil structure.