What is water-soluble fertilizer?


 Water-soluble fertilizer is a multi-element compound fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water. Compared with traditional superphosphate and granulated compound fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer has obvious advantages.

Water-soluble fertilizer is a quick-acting fertilizer, that can be quickly dissolved in water without residue and can be directly absorbed and utilized by the roots and foliage of the plant.

● Which can be applied to spray irrigation agricultural facilities to achieve water and fertilizer integration. The effective absorption rate is higher than ordinary fertilizer more than 1 times, and fertilizer efficiency fast, can solve the high-yield crop fast growing period of nutrient demand.

● With the spray irrigation system water demand is only 30% of ordinary fertilizer, and fertilizer operations can be almost no manual, saving cost greatly.

● Water-soluble fertilizers generally less impurities, low conductivity, the use of concentration adjustment is very convenient, the use of seedlings safety.

Water-soluble fertilizers and water flush fertilizer?

Water-soluble fertilizer and red fertilizer can not be confused, red fertilizer also called water red fertilizer, it is a way of top dressing, that is soluble in water can be dissolved, impulse, as a topdressing application.

Not all fertilizers can be done red fertilizer. Suitable for red fertilizer of the fertilizer, which should be good water solubility, the nutrient content is not easy to soil curing, easy to absorbed by plants, fertilizer efficiency fast, and no residual poison. Such as compound fertilizer, manure, etc. If it was not red fertilizer, diluted with water into liquid application, it has become red fertilizer.