The problem of compound fertilizer price?



1. A lot of chemical fertilizer with low price, but after using,the effect is good,this is why?
Now most of the manufacturers are to increase the nitrogen content, the potassium content is reduced, or even no,for example: the contents of 15-15-15 45% content is made to 20-10-5 35% content, after using,the seedlings is strong, but later without fertilizer, the final production can’t increase.

2. Why the cheap fertilizer’s effect is better than brand-name fertilizer?
You can see the ammonium bicarbonate effect immediately, effective period is 15 days; As for the ammonium chloride,you can see the effect after three days, fertilizer period is 25 days, late stages of growing season don’t need to spread this fertilizer.As for the Urea, you can see the effect after seven days, fertilizer period is 45 days. You can see the effect of Compound fertilizer after ten days, fertilizer period is 90 days.

3. How to understand cheap is expensive, expensive is cheap?
As for the Cheap fertilizer,it needs 1 bag weight is 50kg per mu, the cost is 100 yuan / mu. Brand-name fertilizer 35kg per mu, 90 yuan / mu, It’s more cost effective.
4. After the use of brand-name fertilizer, why the capacity has not improved?
The principle of nutrient return, how much grain you receive it needs absorb how much nutrients from the soil, and how much good quality fertilizer can return.
In other words, continuous use of three years of inferior fertilizer, immediately chasing good fertilizer, stronger than the original, comparable to the original using good fertilizer, and three consecutive years using good fertilizer, Even if there is no fertilizer for a year, the output will not be low.

5. Why some small factory fertilizer qualified, but the price is different from brand-name fertilizer manufacturers?

Now the functional departments only test N, P, K, many small factory put a lot of surface articles on it; brand-name manufacturers also add a variety of trace elements,the price is 300 yuan per ton to meet the needs of high yield crops.

6. What’s the difference of Potassium sulfate type and potassium sulfate?

Potassium sulfate type is a compound fertilizer production process of potassium chloride dechlorination production, is produced by potassium sulfate, chloride ions at 3-5%, potassium sulfate compound fertilizer is made by pure potassium sulfate, chloride ions <3%, it suitable for all kinds of crops.

7. What’s the difference of complex fertilizer and compound fertilizer?
complex fertilizer is the tower granulation, acid granulation, spray granulation, utilization rate is 60%. Compound fertilizer is the drum granulation, disc granulation, lower utilization rate is 40%.

8. What’s the four elements of sulfur?
Three elements are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and now the national standard, If the amount of elements in more than four, you can mark the content. If it contains 7% sulfur, it is the growth of crops must be the four major elements, that is, farmers spend the same money to buy three elements of phosphorus, phosphorus and potassium, also bought the sulfur four elements, it’s cost-effective.

9. What’s the difference of controlled fertilizer and compound fertilizer?
Controlled release fertilizer also is compound fertilizer, the first generation is resin or sulfur coated controlled release; the second generation is a smart release factor added directly to the fertilizer, fertilizer period can reach 120 days, the utilization rate of up to 70.