The 5 attentive and critical mistakes for choosing fertilizer


 1. The fertilizer with Quick solution is good fertilizer
Usually, the nitrogen fertilizer is dissolved quickly, and the potash is dissolved slowly. Moreover, the better of granulation hardness, the faster it will be dissolved. On the contrary, it will dissolved slowly. But dissolving the faster, it will also loss faster, which caused the situation of short fertilizer efficiency. So when buying, we should choose appropriate one according to demand.

2. Granular fertilizer is compound fertilizer
This view is wrong, and generally except that compound fertilizer is particles, all of large granule urea, large particles ammonium bicarbonate, nitrogen fertilizer formula, and large granular ammonium sulphate are granular, therefore we must see its Constituents combination than granule types clearly when buying.

3.High concentration compound fertilizer is better than low concentration compound fertilizer
That's not true either, high concentration compound fertilizer is just contain a high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but other elements content ratio is reduced, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other elements, if using high concentration compound fertilizer with long-term,it can appear the symptom of lack of other elements.

4. That white granules is good fertilizer
Color are not necessarily related to the fertilizer quality, so don't judge by color, or even attention those that are especially white, which may be just contained a single element.

5. Imports are better than domestic ones
This is wrong view, first of all, we not excluded that some imported really are good fertilizer, but there are also many domestic good fertilizer, you can't judge the stand or fall of fertilizer according to that its import or domestic. some imported fertilizer is better, but the price is expensive, domestic prices have advantages, therefore, generally speaking, The best is to choose what is right for you.