Advantages of granulation processing with flat die pellet mill


Multi-functional flat die pellet mill can produce cylindrical particles, granular feed and organic fertilizer. The machine can also be connected with polishing equipment, so that the cylindrical particles can be rolled into balls at one time without returning particles. It is a professional organic fertilizer production equipment and an ideal equipment for feed processing particles.

Advantages of flat die pellet mill

1. Save project investment, organic fertilizer production line has short process, less equipment occupation, flexible installation, simple operation, low energy consumption and high power efficiency output. The flat die pellet mill adopts the low-temperature extrusion process below 60 ℃, the primary granulation rate is more than 90%, and there is no return material and excess powder.
flat die pellet mill
2. The flat die pellet mill has advanced structure, stable quality and is suitable for 24-hour continuous operation. The flat die and roller are equipped with thread gap adjusting device, and the flat die and roller are worn too fast. Compared with the traditional method of adjusting the gap between flat die and roller gasket, the service life is increased by about 20%.

3.The flat die pellet mill has many functions. The machine is also widely used in the extrusion granulation of "heat preservation agent, carbon increasing agent" in metallurgy industry, and "antioxidant, oxidant, rubber, plastic auxiliary agent" in fine chemical industry, and other powder, tobacco powder, tea powder, coal powder, silicon calcium fertilizer, carbon, ore powder and sodium sulfate. Flat die pellet mill is popular in more than 30 provinces and regions in China, as well as other countries in Malaysia, India and the Philippines. 

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