Use and maintenance of fertilizer screening machine


Fertilizer screening machine is an important processing part of NPK fertilizer production line. It has simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, convenient replacement of screen drum, small dust and long service life. Pay attention to operation specifications when using screening machine.

1.Operation of rotary drum screener.

Before starting the screen, check whether the spindle of the screen is flexible, whether the lubrication is good, and whether the connecting parts such as bolts are firm. If there is a dust removal device in the screening machine, the dust removal device should be activated first, and then the screening machine should be started. Only when the operation is normal, can uniform feeding be allowed to the screen surface. The sequence of screening machine shutdown is the opposite.

2.Maintain of rotary drum screener.

During the operation of the screen, the wear condition should be checked regularly to see whether there is leakage due to the local wear of the screen surface, and whether there is excessive wear or deformation of the screen hole on the screen surface, which will affect the classification accuracy and screening efficiency of the material. In case of the above situation, the machine should be stopped to repair and replace the parts with excessive wear and tear. When the screen is running, the bearing of the screen must keep good lubrication. Under normal conditions, butter can be injected with an oil gun every week or so. Every two months or so, the bearing cover should be removed to clean the bearings and re-inject clean butter. We should pay close attention to the temperature of bearings. Generally, the temperature of bearings should not exceed 40 ℃ and the maximum should not exceed 60 ℃. To pay attention to the screening machine whether there is strong noise, screen box vibration is stable, if the screen box shaking phenomenon, should check whether the support or suspension spring is broken.
rotary drum screener

3.Overhaul of fertilizer screening machine. 

Of all the parts of the screen, the screen surface is the most vulnerable to wear, followed by the transmission belt, springs and bearings, which must be regularly repaired and replaced. It is strictly forbidden to knock with a big hammer when the screen and transmission are dismantled to prevent parts from being damaged. Parts should be kept clean before assembly. The repairing of parts and components of screening machine is different according to its structure and working conditions. Generally, no overhaul is carried out within two years, only worn parts are replaced.

Screening machine has a lot of functions in fertilizer processing. It can be used directly after the composted organic fertilizer is treated by the windrow turner. Rotary screening machine is also used for the finishing of fertilizer particles.