Advantages of processing organic fertilizer into granular products


Organic fertilizer granulator can process organic waste into granular organic fertilizer products, of course, organic fertilizer can also be made into powder, which depends on market demand. In order to balance nutrients, suitable for transportation and storage, it is suggested to use organic fertilizer granulator to process organic raw materials into granular products.

New type organic fertilizer granulator

Organic fertilizer granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulator that we often use. The equipment of fertilizer granulator is different because of the different raw materials. The organic fertilizer granulator can be divided into different tonnage according to the different treatment output. When customers choose, they only need to choose according to their own output. In normal work, in order to prevent the unstable granulation and low output of the organic fertilizer granulator and ensure the stability and good performance of the whole working state. It is necessary to ensure the zero problem of each component and system and the stability and stability of the whole equipment. Including the inspection of the indicator light before use, the operation of each component, the abnormal sound detection of mechanical equipment, etc., shall be confirmed in advance. It is worth mentioning that fertilizer granulator produced by many equipment manufacturers can achieve high-quality work for a long time at a time. Maintenance is also simple, saving time and effort.
organic fertilizer granulator

Refined organic fertilizer is a kind of commercial organic fertilizer which is packaged and sold after the manure of livestock and poultry is dried and crushed. It has unique advantages.
1. Probiotics are added to the bio organic fertilizer to reduce the occurrence of diseases due to the occupying effect of the flora.
2. Bio organic fertilizer not only contains rich organic matter, but also functional bacteria and a large number of beneficial elements.

Generally speaking, the organic fertilizer granulation process includes crushing system, feeding system, drying system, screening system and granulation system. In addition to pre fermentation treatment, it is an integrated granulation equipment similar to the process of NPK fertilizer production line.