Application of microbial bacterial fertilizer in agricultural organic fertilizer production line


Bio-fertilizer is a kind of product that leads to the specific fertilizer effect of crops caused by the life activities of microorganisms, and it is a kind of finished fertilizer in the organic fertilizer production line. It has a huge effect on crop growth and soil nutrition. Here we introduce the application of microbial bacterial fertilizer in the organic fertilizer production line.
agricultural organic fertilizer production
1. The effect of energy saving and emission reduction is remarkable. Microbial fertilizers have the effects of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen fixation, which can improve the fertilizer utilization rate by more than 10% to 30%. The mass production and promotion of such fertilizers can save fertilizer resources and related coal, natural gas, oil and other resources, and help alleviate the energy crisis.

2. Bio-organic fertilizer can reduce farmers' production costs, increase crop output and increase agricultural income. The production cost of compound microbial fertilizers and other series suitable for large-scale promotion of field crops is comparable to or slightly higher than that of ordinary fertilizers. In the processing technology of the fertilizer production line, a variety of nutrients are made into biological compound fertilizer granules by the rotary drum granulator. The results of a large number of experiments and demonstrations on corn, rice, wheat, peanuts and other crops show that microbial fertilizers still have a yield increase effect when the dosage is reduced by 1/3 to 1/2, so that farmers do not increase the cost of fertilizer use Under the application of this microbial fertilizer, higher yields can be obtained, and labor and time are saved, the use is convenient, and greater benefits can be obtained, which can drive the large-scale increase in production of grain, vegetables, fruits, and other economic crops, and solve food production Major issues such as health.

3. Biological compound fertilizer particles can improve the quality of agricultural products. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, especially people's demand for improved quality of life, they are actively developing green agriculture to produce organic fertilizers and pollution-free green food. In the process of producing green food, chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and other chemical substances are required to be used or not used as much as possible (or limited use). It requires the fertilizer to first protect and increase the growth and quality of the application object; secondly, it does not cause the application object to generate and accumulate harmful substances; and it has no adverse effects on the ecological environment. Microbial fertilizers are basically in line with the principles, not only can alleviate or reduce agricultural product pollution, but also improve the quality of agricultural products. The roller granulator we designed is also suitable for the processing of this fertilizer granule. It is extruded and granulated at room temperature without damaging beneficial bacteria.