Benefits of organic fertilizer granulator products with chemical fertilizers


The actual utilization rate of chemical fertilizer is only 30% - 45%, even lower in some areas. After the application of organic fertilizer, the beneficial biological activity improved the soil structure, increased the soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, and reduced the nutrient loss.

Organic fertilizer can greatly improve the effective utilization rate of chemical fertilizer and reduce the amount and cost of fertilizer. The organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production line has many advantages in combination with chemical fertilizer.
organic fertilizer granuleorganic fertilizer granule

1. After chemical fertilizer is applied to the soil, some nutrients are absorbed or fixed by the soil, reducing the availability of nutrients. After the roller granulator is mixed with organic fertilizer, it can reduce the contact surface of chemical fertilizer and soil, reduce the possibility of chemical fertilizer being fixed by soil, and improve the effectiveness of nutrients.

2. Generally speaking, chemical fertilizers are highly soluble and will produce high osmotic pressure on the soil after application, which will affect the absorption of nutrients and water by crops and increase the chance of nutrient loss. If it is mixed with organic fertilizers, this shortcoming can be avoided, that is, crops absorb nutrients and water.

3. Because organic fertilizer is the energy of microbial life, chemical fertilizer is the inorganic nutrition of microbial growth and development. The two mix microbial activity to further decompose organic fertilizer. The activity of soil microorganism can also produce vitamin, biotin and nicotinic acid. Increase soil nutrients, improve soil vitality and crop growth.