Causes and Countermeasures of organic fertilizer crusher clogging


When using fertilizer production machine, the organic fertilizer crushing machine is blocked due to material size, humidity and other reasons. In this case, how to block the pulverizer?
organic fertilizer crusher

1. The blockage of organic fertilizer crusher may be caused by too fast feeding speed and increasing load. In the process of feeding, attention should be paid to the large deflection angle of the meter pointer at any time. If the rated current is exceeded, it means that the motor is overloaded for a long time, which will burn out the motor. In this case, the feed door should immediately shrink or close, and the feed mode can be changed to control the feed rate by increasing the feeder. There are two kinds of feeders: manual feeder and automatic feeder. The user should select the appropriate feeder according to the actual situation. Due to the high speed and large load of crusher, the load fluctuates greatly. Therefore, the current of crusher is generally controlled at 85% of rated current.

2. If the discharge pipe is not smooth or the feeding is too fast, the air outlet of the grinder will be blocked, and improper coordination with the conveying equipment will lead to the weakening of the exhaust pipe air or no air blockage. After the fault is found, the outlet shall be cleaned first, the unmatched conveying equipment shall be replaced, and the feeding amount shall be adjusted to make the equipment run normally.

3. If the hammer piece is broken, aged, the screen hole is closed, broken, and the moisture content of the crushed material is too high, the crusher will be blocked. The hammer should be broken regularly and seriously aged. The working state of the organic fertilizer crusher should be maintained. The screen screen screen should be checked regularly. The moisture content of the crushed material should be less than 14%, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also make the organic fertilizer crusher not blocked and improve the performance of the organic fertilizer crusher Depend on sex.

Organic fertilizer crusher is used for compost crushing. We also provide crusher equipment for NPK fertilizer manufacturing process to meet the crushing requirements of fertilizer production.