Comminution of bio organic fertilizer production


In terms of the equipments required for biofertilizer production, a series of processes are needed to process the animal manure and straw into organic fertilizer. In the process of organic fertilizer manufacturing, the first thing to solve is the problem of compost crushing.

Crushing process of organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment

Organic fertilizer crusher is applied in the front end of fertilizer production line, which is used to break up the bulk materials formed by aerobic fermentation of organic materials, so as to facilitate the subsequent processing and granulation process of organic fertilizer. Because the moisture content of fermented organic material is between 35% and 45%, and the material is wet and sticky, the traditional pulverizer has low grinding efficiency, which easily leads to a series of problems such as equipment blockage and over current.
Comminution of bio organic fertilizer production

This crusher is specially developed for the characteristics of organic materials, which is used to crush large organic materials into small powder organic fertilizer materials. Large pieces of material slide into the crusher from the feed port, and then pass through the multi-layer high-speed rotating crushing chain through the gravity action, and finally be hit into powder by the high-speed rotating crushing, and then fall into the next process from the material mouth.