Detailed explanation of the working principle of the disc granulator


The disc granulator is one of the important equipment for organic fertilizer production, and its main working part is a rotating inclined disc. It is based on the principle of powder material agglomeration and granulation, so that the powder material with wet surface is continuously rolled or turned inside the disc granulator equipment, coupled with mechanical extrusion, prompting these powder materials to gradually form particles. This machine is one of the important fertilizer manufacturing equipment in the production of compound fertilizer. The disc granulator can be selected reasonably through the parameters of the granulation plate, thereby increasing the product output and greatly reducing the product cost.
Detailed explanation of the working principle of the disc granulator
1. Principle of disc granulator
The disc is installed at a certain inclination angle, and the material rolls quickly with the rotation of the disc body in the rotating disc, and when it rises to the highest point, it falls vertically under the block of the scraper. During the rotation of the disc body, the particles squeeze and roll with the disc wall under the action of centrifugal force. Because of these comprehensive mechanical squeezing, rolling, and collision, the powdery materials are gathered together to form a "cue ball" by the surface tension of the liquid phase. As the "cue ball" increases, it slowly spheroidizes into complete particles, from small to small. Large, the strength is gradually increased and the granulation process is completed until the granularity of the finished product overflows from the edge of the disc. The disc granulator has a good grading function. It continuously makes the powdery material grow from the bottom of the pan to form particles and overflow into the outer pan. Due to the increase in the diameter of the outer disk, the particle rolling linear speed suddenly increases. The particles are rolled while being rounded to form spherical particles. The larger particles are blocked by the discharge plate from overflowing into the hopper, and are sent to the next process by the belt conveyor. Many disc granulators are used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process, but they can also be used in organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
2. Technical parameters of disc granulator
Several parameters that will affect the granulation effect of the disc granulator during production are: disc diameter, disc height, tilt angle and disc rotation speed.
Generally speaking, the diameter of the disc is mainly determined by the output. Each manufacturer should choose a matching combination with other organic fertilizer equipment such as mixers or screw conveyors according to their own conditions, such as the annual production capacity. The annual production capacity of the disc granulator with a diameter of 2 meters can reach more than 10,000 tons, and the annual production capacity of the pelletized disc with a diameter of 2.2 meters can reach more than 15,000 tons. Therefore, the selection of the disc diameter should be based on the design annual production capacity. Come to consider. If the fertilizer granulator in the disc granulation production line is replaced with a stranded granulator, then this fertilizer production line is called a drum granulation.