How to deal with manure from cattle farms?


With the development of animal husbandry, more and more cow dung has become a big problem that continues to be solved. With organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment, cow dung can be directly converted into cow dung organic fertilizer through processing, which not only solves the environment Pollution problems, and the organic fertilizer made has created profits. So how does the organic fertilizer equipment convert cow manure into organic fertilizer?
1. First, dry or drain the cow dung to control its moisture content below 85%, and then add straw powder. The ratio of cows is 7:3, so that the carbon ratio of raw materials (cow dung) and auxiliary materials (straw powder) is controlled. From 23 to 28, the water content is controlled at 52% to 68%. Finally, the organic fertilizer fermentation decomposer is added.
2. After the raw materials, auxiliary materials and bacterial agents are mixed and stirred, they can be piled up for fermentation. The requirement for pileup is to pile the mixture on the fermentation field into a bottom width of 1.8 meters to 3 meters, a top width of 0.8 meters to 1 meter, and a height of 1 Trapezoidal stacks of meters to 1.5 meters are separated by 0.5 meters. After the stacks are stacked, the temperature will rise to more than 60 degrees within 24 to 48 hours, and the temperature will be kept for 48 hours to start turning.
3. The organic fertilizer equipment must be evenly and thoroughly turned over, and the low-level special materials should be turned into the middle and upper part of the pile as much as possible to fully decompose. After the first turn, the pile will be turned once a week. However, when the temperature exceeds When the temperature is 70 degrees, the pile must be turned over immediately, otherwise the beneficial microorganisms and fermenting bacteria will be killed in large quantities, which is not conducive to the fermentation and maturity. Generally, the pelleting of cow dung is carried out through the drum granulation process.
Organic fertilizer fermentation
The standard for all fermentation and maturity is to look at the color.The color of general fertilizers will change to brown or dark brown, and the ammonium nitrogen content will increase significantly.
The second is to look at the leaching solution. After mixing the decomposed organic fertilizer with clear water (1:5), let it stand for 5 minutes.
The third is to look at the volume. The volume of the decomposed compost collapses by 1/3~1/2 compared to the newly piled stack. Finally, the fermented organic fertilizer is evenly spread on the drying field, and the thickness should not exceed 20 cm. Frequent turning in the sun makes the water content less than 32%. The equipments required for biofertilizer production is the same as that for organic fertilizer fermentation.