Disc granulator has many advantages in processing organic fertilizer particles


Disc granulator can process fertilizer into granules, and fertilizer granulation is an important process in organic fertilizer production line. The quality of granulation affects the quality of final fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer is mainly derived from plants and animals. It is a carbon-containing material that is applied to the soil to provide plant nutrition as its main function. The waste material is processed through the organic fertilizer production line, eliminating harmful substances therein, and rich in a large number of beneficial substances.
advantages of disc granulator processing organic fertilizer particles

The common way of fertilizer granulation in the market is extrusion granulation and wet granulation, that is, roller granulator, disc granulator and rotary drum granulator are used as granulation equipment. Why do we use disk granulation mechanism to make granular fertilizer in the production of organic fertilizer? What are the advantages of granular fertilizer compared with powder fertilizer?

1. The granulation of fertilizer improves the agricultural technology. The granulation of fertilizer plays the role of slow release of fertilizer efficiency, and the fertilization is convenient and not easy to be blown away by the wind.

2. Fertilizer with low water solubility usually needs to be milled into small particles to ensure that it can be effectively and rapidly dissolved in the soil and absorbed by plants.

3. Some inorganic components can be added to the organic fertilizer production line to improve the fertilizer efficiency of the organic fertilizer, and if inorganic components are added to the powder fertilizer, it is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate. Set the proportion of formula fertilizer in the production line, the disc granulator can mix the raw materials evenly to make solid particles.

4. The control of fertilizer particle size is very important for the storage and transportation of fertilizer. Good granulation makes organic fertilizer not easy to agglomerate and has better transport performance.

Advantages of disc granulator machine in processing formula fertilizer

The pelletizing equipment of disc granulator is used for pelletizing the raw materials after formulation in the organic fertilizer production line. Fertilization can significantly increase the content of alkali hydrolyzed n, available P and available K in the soil, the application of organic fertilizer can significantly increase the content of alkali hydrolyzed n in the soil, the application of chemical P fertilizer can promote the accumulation of available P, and the combination of organic fertilizer and chemical K fertilizer can rapidly increase the content of available K in the soil.