What is the effect of organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer in planting organic vegetables


In recent years, people have been advocating organic vegetables and hope to eat natural and green dishes. Let's take a look at the effect of organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer.

Taking a certain planting experiment in China as an example, one ton of ecological organic fertilizer was used for vegetables per mu, and the amount of organic fertilizer increased by 33% year on year; the average amount of chemical fertilizer per mu was reduced by 25 kg compared with the previous year, which was 25% lower than that of the previous year. By using the organic fertilizer products processed by the organic fertilizer production line, the disease resistance of vegetable plants is enhanced, and the diseases and insect pests are significantly reduced, thus reducing the amount of pesticide and increasing the yield of vegetables. For example, the average sugar content of tomato reached 9, the color of the product was bright, palatability was good, and the sales value was improved.
effect of organic fertilizer in planting organic vegetables

The economic benefits of vegetables increased significantly with the application of organic fertilizer. Through the basic data survey on the application of ecological organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer in many project subjects, it can be seen that the use of organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer can effectively achieve the purpose of reducing chemical fertilizer. Combining the planting and breeding mode of organic fertilizer production line, the waste in the farm is processed into organic fertilizer for soil use. In the process of fermentation, the metabolism of microbial flora produces a large number of highly active biological enzymes. The contact reaction with chemical fertilizers and pesticides can turn ineffective fertilizer into effective fertilizer, and turn harmful substances into beneficial substances. Make the soil environment better, more conducive to plant growth.

The contents of nitrate, nitrite and pesticide residues in vegetables decreased significantly, while the nutrients such as vitamins, phosphorus and potassium increased significantly.

However, we should pay attention to the application of organic manure, such as sheep manure. The nutrient content of sheep manure is high in livestock manure, and the decomposition speed is fast, and the fertilizer efficiency is strong. In order to achieve the balance of fertilizer efficiency, pig manure or cow manure should be added into sheep manure for fermentation. At the same time, the quality of organic fertilizer should be strictly controlled in use, and the use of immature fermentation or semi decomposed organic fertilizer products is prohibited, so as to avoid the phenomenon of burning roots and seedlings. After fermentation, the compost must be further processed by rotary drum granulator or other granulating equipment to achieve the desired effect. We provide organic fertilizer granulator, roller granulator and flat die pellet mill. Finally, the processed organic fertilizer products were packaged.