Factors affecting dryer performance in organic fertilizer manufacturing


Dryer is the main energy-consuming equipment in organic fertilizer manufacturing process. There are many factors affecting the output of organic fertilizer dryer. Only when the dryer reaches the state of high quality, high yield and low consumption, can the efficiency of organic fertilizer production be improved.

Traditional organic fertilizer dryer has the problem of short heat and mass transfer time. When the material is lifted into the air by L-shaped lifting board, the material will be thrown down immediately, and the time to stay in the air is short, so the contact time between the material and hot air is short. In addition, due to the small axial resistance of L-shaped lifting plate, the material residence time in the cylinder is short, and the contact time between material and hot air is shortened. Moreover, the contact surface between hot flue gas and materials in the organic fertilizer dryer is small, because the materials are accumulated on the lifting board and the flying time is short when they are thrown in the air, so the contact surface between the flue gas and materials is small, and the mass transfer and heat transfer are difficult to carry out. In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the dryer has very little conduction heat transfer, and the drum dryer mainly transfers heat by convection of flue gas, but because the lifting plate is mounted on the cylinder and the material is covered on the lifting plate for a long time, the temperature of the lifting plate is close to the temperature of the cylinder wall, and the heat transfer is very small.
organic fertilizer dryer

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