Organic fertilizer machine helps control root rot of citrus trees


Citrus Root rot is a common disease in the process of citrus cultivation. Citrus Root Rot usually occurs in rainy season. The main reason is that the soil is very wet due to the large amount of precipitation and more water in the root of fruit trees. The root water content of fruit trees is large, and the root system is difficult to breathe, which makes the pathogen enter into the root system of citrus, resulting in the root rot of citrus, the decline of fruit trees and the decline of citrus yield. High quality bio organic fertilizer produced by fertilizer production machine is helpful to control citrus root rot.
citrus trees

1. Improving soil environment
Citrus Root rot is transmitted through soil, so we must pay attention to improve the soil in the process of prevention. How to improve soil vitality? We should choose suitable fertilizer, and the high quality organic compound fertilizer processed by rotary drum granulator is helpful to improve soil. The targeted fertilizer products processed by organic fertilizer production line are conducive to the growth of fruit trees. Good soil, which will improve the vitality of the roots of fruit trees and promote root growth. In the early stage of citrus planting, we must pay attention to the selection of soil environment.

2. Strengthen management
Root fruit trees are important organs for absorbing water and fertilizer. If the root is destroyed, it will be an important organ for invasive pathogen conditions. However, in some high levels, if the water is not drained in time, the soil permeability will be poor and the root growth will be affected. Therefore, in the orchard, we must drain well, otherwise it will affect the root growth. In addition, we focus on fertilizers, and we often see that too little or too much fertilizer affects root growth. In addition, we should pay attention to the fact that in the process of planting citrus fruit trees, we must reduce root damage, which is not conducive to the growth of fruit trees. On the other hand, fertilizers processed by disc granulator machine or other granulating equipment can prolong fertilizer efficiency and help plants absorb nutrients.

3. Root control
Once it is found that the citrus leaves and fruits fall off seriously, it is necessary to dig the soil, check the degree of root rot, and smell whether there is a fishy smell. For the root system of the newly infected fruit tree, the root system should be carefully collected and burned, and reasonable drugs should be selected for treatment. Otherwise, it will cause further damage to the root system. Once the root rot of the fruit tree is found, it should be treated in time.