Organic fertilizer screening machine with the drum is better or better vibration


Vibrating screening machine is a widely used classification equipment in compound fertilizer industry, which is used for grading and screening of finished compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer production line. The machine is produced by vibration motor and spring, with small amplitude and high frequency, which ensures the material has large inertia and can be cleaned by itself. The rest, the machine structure is simple, small size, easy to control, no need for special control.

The drum screener machine is mainly composed of organic electricity, reducer, drum assembly, frame, sealing cover, and inlet and outlet. The roller assembly is skewedly installed on the frame. The motor is connected with the roller assembly through a reducer through a coupling, and the roller assembly is driven to migrate around its axis. When the material enters the drum assembly, due to the skew and migration of the drum assembly, the material on the screen surface is overturned and migrated, so that the qualified materials (under the screen) are squeezed out by the screen on the outer circle of the drum, and the unqualified materials (screen The upper product) is pushed out by the end of the drum. Because of the overturning, migration and transformation of the materials in the drum, the materials stuck in the sieve holes can be ejected to avoid blockage of the sieve holes.
fertilizer screening machine

As a member of the fertilizer manufacturing equipment, the drum screener machine is more widely used in the fertilizer industry, with low noise and less dust, which is suitable for the fertilizer industry.