Causes of abrasion of roller press granulator


Fertilizer roller press granulator is widely used in feed and fertilizer processing. The double roller pelletizer can also meet the equipments required for biofertilizer production. It has the characteristics of less investment, simple process flow and environmental protection, so it has been widely used.

Unreasonable use will lead to wear of roll plate of roller extrusion granulator, such as acid and alkali of material, improper moisture will cause corrosion to equipment, etc. The following introduces the reasons for the wear of the roller skin of the roller extrusion granulator.

1. Material factor.

The roller press pelletizer mainly processes dry powder materials, which is affected by the hardness of materials. It will cause uneven stress in the process of ball forming. As a result, the wear of roll skin is increased. From the material factor. Another factor is the uniformity of raw material particle size, which is different in size. It also causes uneven stress at the same time, and also causes wear of roll skin.

2. The roller skin material factor of granulator.

The roller skin of roller granulator is friction material. It is the direct force. The friction of materials and the force of reverse extrusion are the factors that can not be ignored. This kind of force has higher requirements on the quality of roller skin, and the wear of good quality is slow. If the quality is poor, the roller skin will wear quickly.
roller granulator

3. Feed uniformity factor.

The axes of the double rods and the surface of the roller are parallel. If the feeding is seriously uneven, the feeding at one end is more than that at the other end. As a result, the force on both ends of the roller skin is uneven, thus increasing the friction between the roller skin and the material. As a result, the roller skin is worn.

4. Material moisture and pH.

The roller skin is made of stainless steel as the main material, which has a greater response to the pH and moisture of the material. The roller press granulator is used in the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, and most of the raw materials contain a certain degree of corrosiveness, causing acid-base corrosion on the surface of the roller skin. In addition, when granulating, we must adjust the moisture of the material to reduce damage to the roller skin.

5. Work operation damage.

Do not operate in violation of the operating procedures, adjust the gap between the roll skins not in accordance with the instructions, or violate the regulations when there is a load, the strip is turned on to the roll extrusion pelletizer. Another work injury is that the materials are not cleaned. Contains miscellaneous particles such as iron and stone, which seriously damage the surface of the roller skin.