How can compound fertilizer granulation meet emission reduction requirements?


At present, there are four main types of compound fertilizer granulation technologies, namely, disc granulation, drum granulation, slurry granulation and tower granulation technology. Among them, the high-tower granulation technology is to melt the nutrient materials such as nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer at high temperature into a slurry, and then spray and granulate through the rotating granulator at the top of the tower. After the granulated material enters the high tower, it descends in the tower. It is the highest level of compound fertilizer granulation technology in the world.

In the
NPK fertilizer manufacturing process, granulation technology is the key production process, and the products produced by different production processes vary greatly in quality. For example, the high-tower granulation technology is compared with the disc granulation technology and the drum granulation technology. The products produced by the high-tower granulation technology have the characteristics of smooth appearance, high compressive strength, and not easy to compact, and are suitable for mechanical fertilization various fertilization methods can also have a good effect in arid areas, with uniform nutrient distribution and high fertilizer utilization. At present, the high-tower granulation technology has developed rapidly and has been widely recognized internationally. Among them, the Norwegian Hydro Company is the main representative company of the high-tower granulation technology.

In my country, the development of high tower granulation technology is also very rapid. For example, Stanley Fertilizer Company has invested in the construction of single-tower and double-tower compound fertilizer melt granulation compound fertilizer production lines since 2003. With the support and help of Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute, it has successively completed the production of high-tower granulation compound fertilizer. Energy-saving technological transformation projects such as closed-circuit circulation of Heliang Water, microcomputer control of gas generation and transformation, and utilization of residual pressure of circulating water have been included in the “Top Ten Energy-saving Projects” projects by the country and have been promoted and applied in the compound fertilizer industry across the country. At present, the application of high-tower granulation technology in my country is gradually advancing. In the future, due to the pressure of overcapacity in the entire compound fertilizer industry, the requirements for industrial upgrading will become more and more urgent. In addition, my country’s energy-saving and emission-reduction goals and requirements, The requirements for compound fertilizer production technology will become higher and higher, and the application of Hefei high-tower granulation technology will be more extensive.