How to choose the roller die of dry pelleting machine


Dry flat die pelleting equipment is a product that is extruded into agglomerates or tablets without the addition of a binder, and then crushed and sieved into granular products. The flat die pellet mill has a wide range of applications and has achieved great development in the organic fertilizer granulation industry.
The granules produced by this type of pelleting machine are uniform, and no particle screening is required, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing output. Compared with powder, the particle volume is smaller, and storage and transportation are more convenient.

How to select the roller die of dry flat die pellet mill

1. The flat die material of pelletizer is generally carbon steel, alloy structural steel or stainless steel. The material of flat die can be selected according to the corrosiveness of the material and the working strength of flat die. The material with strong corrosiveness and the flat die with small hole are generally stainless steel. Generally, the material of pressing roller is carbon steel or alloy structural steel. It can be tooth type or concave hole type.
flat die pellet mill
2. Compression ratio of flat die. Compression ratio of flat die refers to the ratio of effective working length of flat die to die hole diameter. The compression ratio of flat die can be selected according to the formula and product requirements of raw material organic fertilizer production line. Low compression ratio can increase granulation yield, reduce energy consumption, and reduce wear of flat die and press roll. However, the particles are loose and have different lengths, and the pulverization rate is high when they are used as feed or fertilizer. On the contrary, when the compression ratio is high, the particles are firm, the appearance is smooth and glossy, the pulverization rate is small, but the production cost is high. Users can choose the compression ratio of flat die according to their own needs. When making livestock feed particles, the compression ratio of flat die is generally below 10, and that of aquatic feed particles is more than 10. When it is made into organic fertilizer, the compression strength is determined according to the raw materials and products.