How to reduce waste in the production of organic fertilizer flat die pellet mill


Flat die pellet mill are commonly used in organic fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer into columnar particles. In the production of organic fertilizer by flat-die pellet mill, the flatness of the cut surface, the roughness of the cut surface and the sharpness of the cutter can all affect the pelletizing effect and affect the dust generated by granulation. We discuss how to reduce the waste in organic fertilizer production from the cutting of flat die pellet mill.

1.The poor flatness of the cutter of the flat-die pellet mill is due to the defects in manufacture or the process of grinding. If there are uneven scratches on the surface of the cutter, these scratches will lead to the non-parallel of the cutter face and the template. Therefore, uneven particles or tailings will be cut out in the organic fertilizer granulation.
organic fertilizer flat die pellet mill
2. Increasing the roughness of the cutting surface, the cutting knife is easy to bind the material, and the worse the cutting effect of the flat-die pellet mill will produce more tailings and dust.

3. The cutter becomes blunt due to wear and corrosion during organic fertilizer granulation. If the cutter pressure and the speed of the pelletizer are set properly, the cutter and the template wear at the same time, and the cutter has self-sharpening function, but the pressure of the cutter and the speed of the pelletizer are not set properly, the distance between the cutter and the template is too large, and only the material wears on the cutter, the cutter will become blunt quickly. Cutter corrosion of flat die pellet mill can also blunt the cutter. Cutter corrosion is mainly caused by the corrosive substance of organic fertilizer itself. When the granulator cutter becomes blunt, the particles will be fragmented, tailings and long strips.

In order to reduce the production loss of the flat-die pellet mill and improve the overall efficiency of the organic fertilizer production line, we should adjust the cutter pressure and speed of the flat-die pellet mill to the appropriate parameters, and correct the installation deviation after each maintenance of the granulator. According to the granulation situation, adjust the production settings of organic fertilizer granulator. 
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