How to build a powdered organic fertilizer production line for small farms?


For small farms, there is no need to invest in a large-volume organic fertilizer production line. It is enough to choose a small one for current use, and organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment can be added later.

The small-scale organic fertilizer production line reduces the large-volume production line a bit, and the overall process is still the same. This is more suitable for investors with less initial capital and small sites. Using organic fertilizer production lines to produce organic fertilizers that meet national standards, the government will also give certain subsidies, and small organic fertilizer processing equipment can be built without much money, and some farmers directly invest in organic fertilizer production lines. In the open space of their own breeding farm, it is also convenient for farmers to ferment and decompose poultry manure.

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of food quality, the use of organic fertilizers has continued to increase, which has brought unprecedented opportunities to organic fertilizer manufacturers. The organic equipments required for biofertilizer production line converts poultry and livestock manure into organic fertilizer, which effectively realizes the recycling of waste, reduces environmental pollution, and greatly saves resources.

The powdery organic fertilizer production line is designed by Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry for the start-up farmers. We are concerned about the high price of organic fertilizer processing equipment, but there is no place to dispose of the manure from our farms, considering the relationship between the farmers’ initial establishment of the factory and the economic funds. , And pollute the environment, there are problems such as bad smell in the radius, so our company has designed a small powdered organic fertilizer production line, which has low investment and quick return, without worrying about the sales problem (for personal use or local sales). The organic fertilizer production line is tens of thousands of yuan, and the low-cost investment not only solves the environmental pollution problem but also increases the income, and can also apply for local government project subsidies.

The powdery organic fertilizer production line equipment includes: organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer (optional accessories must be added), drum granulation machine, drum screening machine, belt conveyor (the length of the belt depends on the site), automatic packaging machine. Fermentation tank and production line area occupy about 200 square meters (can be designed to reduce the area according to the customer's actual situation).