Modification of equipment for drum granulation compound fertilizer


Compound fertilizer and NPK fertilizer manufacturing process are inseparable from drum granulation equipment. In the previous article, we mentioned the use of drum granulation compound fertilizer equipment. Let’s review the working principle of drum granulation equipment. 

The drum granulation equipment is mainly made of drum, front big supporting wheel, rear big supporting wheel, big gear, reducer, motor and so on. The interior is composed of a granulation area, a feeding area, a steam nozzle, and an annular retaining ring. When working, the powdery raw materials and returned materials are added from the feed port, and the rotating cylinder rotates upwards with the animal material layer. When it reaches a certain height, the material falls along an arc track under the action of gravity and inertial force. Steam or water is injected into the cylinder and sprayed on the rolling material layer to agglomerate the material into granules. There are many problems in the use of the drum granulation compound fertilizer production line. For example, the lining of the drum granulation equipment needs frequent maintenance at high temperatures, and the agglomeration of materials on the inner wall of the granulation equipment exists in the drum granulation equipment. How to solve these problems? Let's take a look at today's focus, the transformation of the production equipment of drum granulation compound fertilizer.

The purpose of the technical transformation of the drum granulation fertilizer manufacturing equipment is to provide a granulator with a non-sticky inner wall and flexible adjustment of the position of the retaining ring, so as to achieve a balanced and stable load to produce high-quality compound and compound fertilizers, and adapt to changes in types of high, medium and low concentration compound and compound fertilizers.

After years of research and experimentation, Zhengzhou Tianci compound fertilizer equipment manufacturer found that neoprene is used as the lining of the granulation equipment. During operation, when the material runs to the lowest point with the cylinder, the weight of the material will be the difference between the rubber film and the cylinder wall. The indoor air is discharged from the pelletizing tube with breathing holes, which is the largest contact area between materials. When the material moves with the cylinder to a certain height, the material will fall under the action of gravity and pressure and roll over, and the material will hardly stick to the film. This fundamentally solves the problem of material sticking to the inner wall and scarring, and the particle size of the material is uniform and beautiful.