Humic acid fulvic acid fertilizer pelletizer roller granulator


The DZJ energy-saving and environmentally friendly roller extrusion granulator produced by our factory is suitable for granulating a variety of raw materials. The roller granulator is not suitable for dangerous goods that are easy to friction and explosion. The roller pelletizer is suitable for most dry powder materials. Direct granulation.
The roller extrusion granulator is also particularly suitable for the processing of fertilizers containing humic acid and fulvic acid. In the fertilizer manufacturing equipment industry, we have been in business for many years and have always had a very high evaluation, so that customers can buy with confidence and use comfort.

NPK fertilizer manufacturing process is our factory's current hot selling products, the product uses the way of automatic ingredients, accurate formula. Advanced technology: the upper computer has the function of reading the required data through the network and formula database, and has the function of reading and writing control for the storage area of the programmable controller, and can store the read-out data into the database, and has the function of remote fault diagnosis for the mixed fertilizer equipment; the video upload function; the formula calculation function; the storage data statistics printing function, which can realize the connection control with the computer. The formula is the same as the content, the mixture is uniform and the packaging is accurate. The output is suitable for different customer needs, and the raw materials can be mixed according to the setting, which can be used for a series of processing of roller press granulator.
Humic acid fulvic acid fertilizer pelletizer

Technical parameters of roller granulator

Model DZJ, power 15-18.5 (Kw), output 1-3 (t/h). It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, safety and reliability, convenient operation and high production power. This model is equipped with a refueling system, which greatly increases the life of the parts.