The mechanism and production of bio organic fertilizer


Biological organic fertilizer has irreplaceable effect on Soil and crops. In agriculture, we can not only use fertilizer to provide crop nutrients, but also organic fertilizer has the effect of repairing and maintaining soil. Fertilizer production machine plays a certain role in agricultural production and plant growth.

The role of organic and inorganic nutrients

Biological organic fertilizer contains not only amino acids, proteins, sugar, fat and other organic components, but also N, P, K, as well as medium elements (CA, Mg, s, etc.) and microelements (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, etc.) which are beneficial to crop growth. These nutrients can not only be used by crops directly, but also can effectively improve the soil fertility, water conservation, buffer and ventilation, and provide a good growth environment for crops.
The mechanism and production of bio organic fertilizer

The role of physiological active substances

Bio organic fertilizer is rich in many physiological active substances, such as vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, indole acetic acid, gibberellin and other physiological active substances. It has the ability to stimulate the root growth of crops and improve the photosynthesis of crops, so as to make the root system of crops developed and robust; for example, various organic acids and enzymes can decompose and transform various complex organic substances and rapidly activate soil nutrients, Increase the effective nutrients for the absorption and utilization of crops; for example, antibiotics can improve the resistance of crops. But the equipments required for biofertilizer production, can be referred to.