Importance of motors in NPK fertilizer equipment and operating requirements


The importance of motors in NPK fertilizer manufacturing process:

The motor drives the entire equipment, and its important role is self-evident. In the face of the entire set of organic fertilizer production line equipment, these important components should be carefully maintained to ensure that they can operate normally without delaying production.

The common question in organic fertilizer production line equipment is the question of motor heating. If the motor is heated or burned, there is no way to crush it. The entire production line will stop production, which will bring us great losses. The daily maintenance of the motor will be explained below.

1. Check whether the lubrication of the bearing is good.
2. Check whether all fasteners are tight.
3. Check whether the transmission belt is installed correctly and in good condition. If the belt is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil stains on the belt or sheave, clean it with a clean rag in time.
4. Check whether the protective device is in good condition. If any abnormal phenomenon is found in the protective device, it should be eliminated in time.
5. Check whether there are materials or other sundries in the damaged cavity, and clean it up in time if sometimes.
6. Check whether the head of the hydraulic jacking machine or the jacking screw is retracted, and whether the adjusting gasket is installed correctly and pressed tightly.

Requirements for operators when operating fertilizer manufacturing equipment:
1. When working, the operator should stand on the side to prevent hard objects from popping out of the feed port and hurting people.
2. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the feeding port and forcefully feed the material. It is strictly forbidden to use wooden sticks to help feed the material to prevent injury to people and damage to the machine.
3. If the organic fertilizer equipment is operating abnormally or there is abnormal noise during work, immediately shut down and cut off the power, and then open the cover for inspection after the standby device is completely stopped. It is strictly forbidden to check while the machine is rotating, find out the cause, and work after troubleshooting.
4. Do not arbitrarily increase the spindle speed during operation to prevent damage to the machine during high-speed suspension and cause unnecessary losses.
5. During the working process of the equipment of the organic fertilizer production line, the operator shall not leave the work post, and shall shut down and cut off the power when it is urgent to leave.
6. During the operation of the organic fertilizer equipment, due to the very high speed, you must pay attention to the operating conditions of the straw grinder. If the body is not tightly closed, dust will be blown into the air, causing pollution to the working environment, and sometimes even If it causes wear and tear on the fan, if it is serious, the impeller will fall off. If it is not repaired in time, the fan may be scrapped. Therefore, before the formal work, the fan device of the straw pulverizer must undergo a dynamic balance experiment.