How to improve the development of organic fertilizer equipment?


Analysts believe that due to the indiscriminate application of chemical fertilizers, the lack of organic matter in the soil leads to a significant decline in soil fertility, which has become an important factor hindering the sustainable development of agriculture in my country. Therefore, the country is vigorously promoting the use of organic fertilizers, especially organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment. In order to popularize and develop bio-organic fertilizers, the following problems need to be solved:

First, improve product quality. At present, there are many varieties of bio-organic fertilizer products on the market, the packaging is rich and diverse, the quality is uneven, and the application effect is also unstable, which causes great difficulties for the majority of farmers to purchase. They cannot easily distinguish the good quality when buying organic fertilizer production equipment. We urgently need to improve product composition and improve product quality.

Second, increase awareness. In the vast rural areas, many people still cannot distinguish between bio-organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers, and their knowledge of organic fertilizer production equipment is not deep enough, and bio-organic fertilizers cannot be used rationally. We need to increase publicity and improve the recognition of organic fertilizer production equipment. Knowledge, to lay a solid mass foundation for its popularization and development.

Third, increase research and development efforts. In recent years, my country has achieved certain results in the basic research and application research of microbial fertilizers, but it is still a long way from the actual production. There is still a breakthrough in the factors that hinder the improvement of the application effect. We need to continue to increase research and development efforts and continue Improve the application effect of bio-organic fertilizer.

Fourth, standardize product management. The current product management of bio-organic fertilizers is very irregular, and product standards need to be strengthened. The state has implemented a registration management system for this, and there are still many unregistered enterprise products and even fake and inferior products being produced and sold, which disrupts the market order. Many distributors and manufacturers have exaggerated the effectiveness of bio-organic fertilizers when propagating, causing farmers' friends to be deceived. Therefore, relevant state departments urgently need to increase product supervision.