The future development of environmentally friendly organic fertilizer equipment


Now that environmental inspections are becoming more and more stringent, many organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment manufacturers are facing the problem of demolition and rectification. New environmentally friendly and energy-saving organic fertilizer production equipment is the development direction of the enterprise.

As the price of chemical fertilizers continues to rise, coupled with the vigorous support of national policies, organic fertilizers are gradually occupying a market position. Under the premise that organic fertilizers are becoming more and more popular, this has become a key research project for environmentally friendly development. The organic fertilizer equipment, combined with the characteristics of livestock and poultry manure, is equipped with auxiliary materials for effective treatment, and realizes the promotion and development of organic fertilizer equipment, which is the key to the effective contact and interaction between the two.

Equipments required for biofertilizer production
is aimed at improving the harmful elements and serious pollution in the feces. It adopts more airtight, more effective, faster and more comprehensive systems and technologies, which has changed the traditional way of returning to the field and can’t solve the problem element exceeding the standard. And according to people’s requirements for the mobility, mixing, and efficiency of processing equipment, creatively developed a mobile, integrated mixing machine, turning equipment, granulation equipment, dust removal and deodorization system, solid-liquid separation technology, etc. Fertilizer production line. The development of animal manure resources, harmlessness, integration and commercialization, industrialization and marketization has effectively promoted the sustainable development of the new agricultural economy and circular economy. Moreover, the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment production line is a green organic fertilizer that does not contain any harmful substances, does not have any chemical components, and is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which meets the objective needs of the entire market and the audience in the industry. In line with the sustainable development of the market.

The improvement and development road of organic fertilizer equipment is a green, recycling, environmental protection and environment-friendly improvement development road based on the needs of the audience and within the market environment.