Structure introduction of organic fertilizer ring die extrusion granulator


Ring die extrusion granulator is a kind of agricultural equipment specially designed and manufactured by Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers. The machine includes control system, granulator and feeder.

1. The feeder is composed of hopper, control screw drill and frequency converter, which is installed above the granulator. The control screw drill is driven by frequency converter motor. One side of the feeder is connected with the discharge hole on the other side.
ring die extrusion granulator

2. Ring die extrusion granulator is composed of main motor, reducer, forced conveying screw drill, radial roller, axial roller, ring die and flat die.

1) The main motor output shaft is connected to the reducer, and the output shaft of the reducer is connected to the main shaft of the forced conveying auger through the coupling.

2) The top of one side of the forced conveyor auger has a feed port connected to the discharge hole of the feeder; on the other hand, a radial roller and an axial roller are orthogonally mounted on the main shaft.

3) The ring die mould and the flat die are fixed on the frame of the fertilizer granulator at the lateral boundary of the radial roller and the axial roller.

4) There is a discharge hole on the mold, and the discharge port is arranged below the mold.

3. The control system of Ring die extrusion granulator consists of current transformer, intelligent ammeter, frequency converter and external power supply.

The carry current output of the main motor of the granulator is through the current transformer, whose current signal output terminal is connected with the input terminal of the current transducer signal of the smart meter.

The output terminal of the transmitter signal of the intelligent meter is connected with the input terminal of the transducer of the frequency converter, and the output terminal of the power supply of the frequency converter is connected with the input pin of the source of the frequency converter. The frequency converter and the main motor of the fertilizer granulator are connected with the external power supply.